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March 2016
 To Whom It May Concern
 Michael Thompson
It is my pleasure to write an open testimonial in support of Michael Thompson. I have known Michael since August 2007 when I became Director (Head of School) at The British School, New Delhi, and Michael was Head of School at Mercedes-Benz International School, Pune, India.
Subsequently, I was a Board member, together with Michael, on the Board of The Association of International Schools of lndia (TAISI), and worked with him in CIS accreditation-related activities in my current role. Michael has been a high quality Team Chair of such evaluation/accreditation visits to international schools worldwide.
Michael is due to stand down from his Headship in Pune in the summer of 2016 and is open to new opportunities in international education. Michael is a very experienced, able and internationally-minded school leader. His knowledge of an all-IB school (K-12) is a great strength as is his development of a school community. His school is successful against most measures, has a very positive ethos and a good ‘feel’. He has really advanced the schools development in the time I have known him. It is a relatively small school by international school norms, (circa 300 on roll), but Michael brings a wealth of diverse experience in his portfolio. He contributes widely, via Accreditation team Chair roles, through TAISI and through professional development for activities internationally. Michael keeps himself updated and believes in the professional development of others in his school.
Michael has strong experience with Boards, and is a wise, experienced hand. He is in good health, as far as I am aware, and mentally capable. He is outspoken, this being a feature of Michael’s personality, and has a strong sense of values informing his practices. His ethical standards and principles are very soundly grounded in relation to the CIS Code of Ethics. In India, he has been a source of expertise to many other schools and works very naturally in a collaborative manner.
When I first became a Head in India, Michael was someone who naturally reached out to offer support and advice, as needed. This was enormously valuable in giving me insights into the cultural complexities of working on the sub-continent. Michael has a warm, friendly personality, is a natural networker and collaborator, and always puts students first, professionally. He is family-focused, has an extensive range of interests, sporting, musical, literary, political and a breadth and maturity that, in many ways, makes him a natural advisor to others.
For the next phase of his career, Michael could make valuable contributions in a number of areas, be it as a Consultant or in direct employment. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of school leadership, governance, curriculum (especially lB programmes), of intercultural education, of educational evaluation and sustainable school improvement, all in the context of the diversity of international education. He also has vast experience of international education in India and sub-Saharan Africa.
I can recommend Michael without hesitation to you and would be pleased to support this open testimonial with a confidential reference by telephone or e-mail, as needed (grahamranger@cois.org and +31 65 4936346).
 Yours faithfully,
 Dr. Graham Ranger
 Director of School Support & Evaluation
 Council of International Schools (CIS)


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May 23, 2016
 To Whom It May Concern:
I have been proudly associated with Michael Thompson for many years as a professional colleague and more recently as a trustee on the MBIS Board of Directors. Through a variety of formal and informal interactions, I have come to know Mick as a consummate professional, a highly committed educator, an intelligent thought-partner, and a compassionate individual. Mick’s leadership work within the Mercedes Benz International School community (where he has served for over a decade) and his far-reaching collaborations within international education have made him a highly-connected and deeply respected global educator.
In Mick’s time at MBIS he has taken this very important and unique school from being an IB PYP and MYP school of 140 students to an I.B. 3 programs school, including the Diploma, with 340 students. In addition, MBIS is fully accredited with I.B., CIS and N.E.A.S.C. This is no small feat and Mick accomplished it with grace, focus, and efficiency. It is safe to say, MBIS is one of the most prestigious and well-thought-of International schools in India—and there are several hundred that exist.
Years ago I met Mick at an interactive leadership retreat hosted by the Academy of International School Heads. During the several days of the event, I had the good fortune to interact with him many times; and thus a life-long partnership was forged. From the very start of our interactions, Mick’s sincerity and genuineness for people (not to mention his colossal knowledge of all things to do with International Education and his vast network of human resources) was impressive and captivating. These initial positive impressions were augmented as Mick began to partner, mentor me on a number of issues and ideas, given our close proximity in India. In other words, Mick is the kind of educator who plays it forward to nourish and encourage other professionals in their learning.
I know that these sort of letters do very little to convey the depth of character and experience of the people we write them for. Nevertheless, I hope that I have offered a glimpse into this extraordinary educator, colleague, and individual. I know that the Educational Community in India will greatly miss having Mick here serving us as our guide and mentor. But I am committed to staying connected with him and using him as a consultant and advisor to my school and recommend him to my colleagues. I easily share that his hard work, relentless dedication and outstanding contributions to his school community and international education make him most worthy for consideration as a consultant or educational leader. Please know that I am most happy to share further should the opportunity present itself.
 Craig Alan Johnson,
 American School of Bombay


May 24,2016
 To whom so ever it may concern
I have known Mr. Michael Thompson for the last 11 years in the capacity of the Member of the Board of Trustees of the Mercedes-Benz Education Academy.
Mr. Michael Thompson was recruited to lead the school in the year 2005 and has served as Director of the school until July 2016.During his stint of 11 years he has led the school from 140 students to the capacity of 350 students, from Pre-school to grade 12. The school now has  a students’ community from 30 different nationalities.
He has successfully introduced the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and led the school to re-accreditation with Council of International Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the International Baccalaureate for Primary, Middle Years and Diploma Programs.
His areas of expertise include school accreditation, IB program introduction and accreditation in all the 3 programs. All aspects of international school leadership including governance, school philosophy, school organization, recruitment [leaders, teachers, local & international],orientation for international education, managing finances for international school, curriculum development from pre-school to pre-university, especially in the IB and Cambridge University, international awareness and public speaking.
Mr. Michael Thompson would be in the position to contribute in the above areas in which he has vast experience and can be a valuable asset to work with.
 With best regards,
 Suhas Kadlaskar

Mercedes-Benz Education Academy

(Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, and the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950)

P-26, Rajiv Gandhi lnfotech Park, MIDC Area, Hinjawadi, Pune 411 057 (India)

Email : info@mbis.org

Phone : (+91) 20 22934420/30

Fax: (+91) 20 22932762

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MercedesBenz International School

Dear Michael,

In response to the successful IB, CIS and NEASC accreditation visit and the report, I would like to congratulate you as our leader.We all have developed professionally under your leadership. Your leadership allows us to have our creative spaces and your trust in us makes us work really hard. You have nurtured our strengths, made us feel secure and ensured that we move one step ahead in our professional spaces.

Thanks a lot!

Meeta Varma
MYP Coordinator
Personal Project Coordinator
Visual Arts Teacher
Date : 10th December, 2015