Thompson International Education Consultancy (TIEC) offers a “one stop shop” / one person solution” for all your education needs.Based on considerable experience in international education, TIEC will provide solutions for all needs;


TIEC will guide your school through all aspects of the accreditation process which will then be available to be used as an external indicator of the quality of your school.

International Baccalaureate Programmes

TIEC has extensive experience of all aspects of the International Baccalaureate, from introduction to successful authorisation and later evaluation in the Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years,(MYP) and Diploma (DP) Programmes. TIE$C can also assist with the introduction of the Career-related Programme (CP).

Establishment and development of international schools

TIEC will assist and advice on all aspects of the establishment of international schools, including all areas of specialization listed below plus legal and government recognition, facilities planning and construction, creating relationships with international agencies, curriculum development, staff development and appraisal, etc.

School Governance

TIEC has considerable experience of working closely with school boards and can offer all forms of assistance including but not limited to; Board and governance training, board retreats, Board and Head evaluation, Board /Head relationships.

International School Leadership

TIEC will work with the Board and school leadership to help create the dynamic leadership that is required in quality international schools where the School Leadership team are responsible for shaping the direction and, ultimately the success and effectiveness of the school.

Philosophy / Mission / Guiding Statements

An accurate philosophy that encapsulates the purpose of the school is essential, TIEC can assist at all levels of the establishment and review of the school Mission, which will involve all members of the school community.

Recruitment of Heads of School and faculty.

The recruitment and retention of the best and most suited faculty is essentials for a successful international school, TIEC will advise on all aspects of international and local recruitment and also provides orientation programmes for heads and faculty, either online or through workshops.

Financing of International Schools

TIEC appreciates that the efficient financing of international education is essential and can advise on all aspects of the budgeting of international schools, in terms of capital and recurrent expenditure.


The marketing of an international school is essential to its successful development and long term stability. TIEC will advise on marketing strategies in order to assist the long term stability of the school.

International Awareness

There is a huge variety of international schools ranging from those schools that are populated mainly by locals requiring an international education and schools that, legally, can only enroll international students. They all require a programme which emphasizes international mindedness awareness/ global citizenship and TIEC will assist the school in create the appropriate programme that suits the school.

Strategic Planning

TIEC will assist the school in the development of its short and long term planning.

Relationships with the community

TIEC will advise the school on the development of relationships with the greater school community ranging from government, local community relations, the establishment of an effective and supportive Parent teacher Association, etc.

Technology Integration

TIEC will advise and assist with strategies for the development of technology integration within the international school.

Public Speaker /Conference and Workshop Leader

TIEC is available to provide workshops, conference leadership or motivational speaking on all aspects of international education.